SAE's latest Hybrid-Powered Vehicles book claims gas-electrics will be 75 percent of the market in 2030

The SAE International has released the second edition of its Hybrid-Powered Vehicles book, which builds upon the original's exploration of hybrid components, system engineering, design constraints, challenges, and opportunities for hybrid vehicles. It was high time for an update, since the first edition was published way back in 2003 when, if we remember correctly, hybrids were vehicles that used both a horse and a donkey.
The second edition, written by John German, program director for the International Council for Clean Transportation, provides an overview of recent hybrid technology developments and takes a look at what lies ahead for gas- and diesel-electric vehicles.

On top of the technical details, German discusses why he believes sales of hybrids will soar after 2020, ultimately capturing 75 percent of the automotive market by about 2030. Now there's a number worth debating. Anyone interested in purchasing the second edition of Hybrid-Powered Vehicles should head over to the SAE's bookstore.

[Source: SAE International]

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