Video: Fired NMS employee speaks out about errant F-bomb on Chrysler Twitter account

Former NMS employee Scott Bartosiewicz talks Twitter – Click above to watch video after the jump

Scott Bartosiewicz was running late for work when he sent out that tweet. It's the one Scott says he believed was on his personal account and contained the F-word. Problem is, that tweet went out on the Chrysler Twitter account being run by New Media Strategies.

Bartosiewicz was fired from NMS, but Chrysler was clearly a bit more upset over the matter and decided to end its relationship with the marketing firm. Scott says he understood the move his bosses had to make in the wake of his tweet, but seeing Chrysler drop the company he enjoyed working for was tough.

Now, however, it seems Bartosiewicz is the one with a bone to pick, and it lies with a company called TweetDeck. Using TweetDeck, Scott was able to handle multiple Twitter accounts right from his iPhone. Bartosiewicz maintains that the service can occasionally send out tweets to the wrong account, so he says he deleted the Chrysler account from his phone. He's since hired a lawyer and TweetDeck is looking into the matter. Click past the jump to watch Scott talk about his twisted Twitter tale.

[Source: WXYZ ABC7 News]

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