Want a $77,000, 17-inch touchscreen tablet computer that comes with a free electric sedan? Then you'll want one of the first Tesla Model S electric sedans, which Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk said recently will support third-party, car-specific apps. Speaking at a conference in San Francisco, Musk also said the Model S will have built-in text-to-voice capabilities.

"We want people to develop car-specific applications [for the Model S]," he said, according to Venture Beat. "And text-to-speech technology can address some of the issues with driver distraction."

That may be true, but introducing third-party apps to infotainment systems is going to invite legislation and restrictions. Right now, automakers make sure that you can't watch a movie through a nav screen while driving, so either Tesla's developer rules or government legislation is going to be needed to define which apps and functions can be used while driving.

The high-tech Model S uses two low-power Nvidia Tegra processing chips in the vehicle's 17-inch touch screen display. Official details on the third-party app integrations are understandably vague, but we are also wondering how privacy advocates will respond. Any car that sends data is already potentially unsafe, and we assume that the Silicon Valley-based company will cover its bases, but the hacking community just got a sweet new potential target.

[Source: Venture Beat]

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