Peugeot XB1 - Click above for image gallery

We've seen our fair share of solo people movers, and most are little more than amped up wheelchairs – not revolutionary conveyances. Thierry Fischer's Peugeot XB1 is more of the same, but it's putting us one step closer to a Wall-E World.

Penned and rendered as a design study for Peugeot, the XB1 isn't coming to a Pug dealer anytime soon. However, many of the concepts are feasible for urban transport, and an all-electric top speed of 22 mph and smartphone integration are certainly nothing to sneeze at. That said, it doesn't particularly move the solo mobility concept any further along, particularly when automaker's like Toyota already have working prototypes. And we probably shouldn't think about what happens when it rains...

[Sources: via Yanko Design]

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