Study: Auto business loves spam more than any other industry

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Getting spammed daily from all sides has become a fact of life. If you have an email address and use the internet, you will get spammed. Most likely numerous times throughout the day. In a recent study by Symantec, researchers found that the automotive business is the most-spammed industry out there.

According to the study, fully 84.3 percent of emails sent relating to the industry are considered spam. That's more than the global spam rate of 81.3 percent, and higher than the rate generated by any other industry.

Not only is the auto industry's rate the highest, it's growing. In January of this year, the level for the automotive industry was 82.8 percent. That might not seem like a huge spike, but when you consider how many billion emails spammers send, the number looks a little more impressive.

Other industries are almost as badly off, with spam accounting for more than 80 percent of emails in the financial, chemical and pharmaceutical, education, manufacturing, marketing, public sector, IT and retail industries.

[Source: Symantec]
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Symantec MessageLabs Email In February 2011, the global ratio of spam in email traffic increased by 2.7% percentage points since January 2010 to 81.3% (1 in 1.23 emails).

As the overall spam level rose in February 2011, China became the most spammed, with a spam rate of 88.1%. In the US, 81.4% of email was spam and 81.4% in Canada. The spam level in the UK was 81.1%. In The Netherlands, spam accounted for 82.2% of email traffic, 81.2% in Germany, 81.7% in Denmark and 81.0% in Australia. In Hong Kong, 82.8% of email was blocked as spam and 80.4% in Singapore, compared with 78.5% in Japan. Spam accounted for 81.6% of email traffic in South Africa.

In February, the Automotive industry remained the most spammed sector, with a spam rate of 84.3%. Spam levels for the Education sector reached 82.6% and 81.7% for the Chemical & Pharmaceutical sector; 81.4% for IT Services, 80.8% for Retail, 80.1% for Public Sector and 80.2% for Finance.

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