First Drive: 2012 Mercedes-Benz SLK-Class

The 2012 SLK's driving experience was a good one. It did, however, leave us wondering about a few things. We're looking forward to some time behind the wheel of the lighter SLK250. The SLK350's smaller-engined sibling could end up being the better of the two offerings – that is, until the V8 AMG model enters the mix.

Mini Goodwood Concept headed to Shanghai Motor Show

At the recent Geneva Motor Show, a source within Mini revealed to Autoblog that the automaker will be bringing a new concept, dubbed "Goodwood," to the Shanghai Motor Show next month.

Spy Shots: BMW flings M3 pickup around the 'Ring

Trust us when we say that we're going to sleep more soundly tonight knowing that somewhere in the world, this creation exists. We have no idea what the BMW engineers are up to with this one, though we love the idea of an M3-powered spiritual successor to the El Camino throne (bonus points for the camouflage as racing stripes motif, too).

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