With rising gas prices, how much can you save using mass transit?

According to the American Public Transportation Association, gas prices have jumped by 28 cents per gallon in the last 10 days, bringing the national average up to a staggering $3.47/gallon. The new hike in prices means commuters can save an average of $9,904 annually – $825 per month – by switching from personal to public transportation. That figure includes the national average rate for unreserved parking.

The numbers are the highest they've been in two years, due to global unrest and continuing economic problems. Savings were highest in big cities, where public transportation is more readily available, with New York topping the list. The APTA estimates that commuters in the Big Apple could save $1,198 per month or $14,376 a year by switching to public transportation.

[Source: American Public Transportation Association]

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