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When the folks at Inside Line got their hands on a 2011 Dodge Charger R/T, they decided to run a comparison test against an older Charger. No, not a last generation model – a 1969 General Lee that was actually used on the Dukes of Hazzard TV show.

The bright orange Charger was supplied by Bob Hartwig of Cinema Vehicle Services. It's one of only 17 Chargers to survive filming, and it's the only 440-equipped example to make it out unscathed. It's slower, less agile and quite outdated compared to the modern Charger, but that doesn't stop Inside Line from giving in the gold medal in this comparison.

Click past the jump to watch the two vehicles in action and listen to some insight from the General Lee's owner. Then be sure to head over to Inside Line to read about the head-to-head test.

[Source: Inside Line]
Edmunds pits 2011 Dodge Charger R/T against 1969 Dodge Charger General Lee

Bob Hartwig talks about his General Lee

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