The guys at Fastlane, the Houston-area tuning shop that specializes in street trucks, have turned their attention to the Ram 1500 R/T and made it go even faster. They're calling the truck the Ram R/T 1500 Terramoto, or "Earthquake" for those of you who skipped out on high school Spanish.

The 1500 R/T will hit 60 mph in fewer than six seconds in 390-hp stock form, so with over 500 horses on tap, that number should drop considerably.

The ponies will hit the pavement through a set of astonishing (awful) 24x12-inch Assanti rims out back, and 22x10s up front. To augment the enormous wheels, the truck will be lowered between four and six inches, and get mini tubs to swallow the giant wheels.

Fastlane has adorned the truck with new bumpers front and rear to push the look closer to the turf, and embroidered the seats with custom R/T logos.

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