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We're a little torn on this one. You're looking at what could possibly be the most awesome go kart ever crafted by human hands: the Mini Seven. Mini is a company that specializes in high-end electric golf carts that vary from a proportionally-correct Hummer resort vehicle to a Bentley Continental GT lookalike. This, however, is different. The Seven was built specifically with children in mind, and Mini says that the pint-sized interpretation of Colin Chapman's wonder is safe for operation on tarmac or in fields. Powered by a Honda gasoline engine, the car has a top speed of around 19 mph.

Four disc brakes with a fully-adjustable proportioning valve are standard, as are a set of four-point harnesses to keep your budding speed demon firmly planted in the optional leather seats. Even the pedals are adjustable to keep up with a kid's growth.

Unfortunately, all of this unbelievable kit comes with a similarly eye-widening price tag. Expect to fork over £6,995, or roughly $11,305. Awesome? Sure. That awesome? Probably not.

  • Mini Seven front 3/4

  • Mini Seven side

  • Mini Seven front 3/4

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