On Prince Edward Island, money dries up for hydrogen buses

Two hydrogen-fueled buses that have transported passengers around Prince Edward Island (PEI), Canada since 2007 will soon be shipped back to Ford. Why? Well, it turns out that shipping the fuel to PEI to power the hydrogen buses is extremely expensive.

The pair of buses ran on hydrogen fuel that was trucked in from Quebec and pumped into a storage tank on the island. Ottawa dished out $275,000, PEI pitched in $100,000 and Air Liquide Canada – the hydrogen fuel supplier – threw in $175,000 to cover the costs of operating the buses. Then the money ran dry last summer.

Since then, the pair of hydrogen-fueled buses were moved off the roads and into storage. Neither bus has been put back into service and when PEI asked Ottawa for an additional $500,000 to get the hydrogen bus project running again, its request was denied. While those buses will head back to Ford, PEI is looking to land another hydrogen vehicle test project sometime soon.

[Source: Simpatico, CBC News]

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