Forum member bringing Volvo P1800 into the present

Remember Mattias Vöcks' design of a modern Volvo P1800? A member of forum sure does, and that person's using it as the inspiration for their own custom P1800.

It's not quite finished yet, but the results so far are quite impressive. The forum member is detailing the build and the car currently sports the hood scoop, recessed taillights and slanted headlamps found on the Vox P1800. An LS V8 from General Motors sits in the engine bay and the fenders are going to be opened up to accommodate larger wheels and tires. The builder is also incorporating the wide-open greenhouse on the Vox design, and working on a way to mimic the interior of the concept vehicle.

There are plenty of builds going on in forums across the Internet, but this is one that we're going to keep our eye on. Check out the progress over on Thanks for the tip, Jack!


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