New study shows killed Florida High Speed Rail would have been money maker

Last week newly-elected Florida Governor Rick Scott turned down $2.4 billion in Federal money for a high speed rail project despite knowledge of a newly revealed Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) study that forecast the venture would net a $10 million surplus in its very first year of operation. He did so saying that the Sunshine State couldn't afford to build the HSR project despite assurances from a coalition of municipalities and other officials, including Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood, that the risk to the state had been eliminated.

Now, instead of getting the foundation of a future greener transportation infrastructure and the initial 24,000 jobs it was estimated to create, Floridians will have to pay back $110 million already drawn from the Feds for the project and look forward to decades of increasing congestion and resulting air pollution. Take a bow Mr. Scott, nicely done. Click past the break to peruse the FDOT study summary.

[Source: NPR / Miami Herald]


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