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According to The Kneeslider, the wrenches at Bottpower have been saddled with an interesting new project. It seems that a certain client has a soft-spot for the now aging Buell XB, but has grown tired of the bike's, um, unique styling. In order to cure that ail, Bottpower has been conscripted into a plan to give the machine a new lease on life. The notion is to craft a chassis that could use the suspension, brakes, engine and swing arm from the ill-fated Buell but would also serve up a flat-tracker stance.

You have our attention.

The owner has a mind to complete the project himself, but that hasn't stopped Bottpower from working up a few design studies of their very own. Even better, the company says that if there's enough interest in the project, it will begin selling kits so that Buell fans can create their own heathens.

The bikes should weigh in at a feathery 375 pounds and pack a walloping 100 horsepower when the tires touch pavement for the first time. Score.

  •  Bottpower BOTT XR-1 front 3/4

  •  Bottpower BOTT XR-1 rear 3/4

  •  Bottpower BOTT XR-1 front 3/4

  •  Bottpower BOTT XR-1 side

[Source: The Kneeslider]

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