Lamborghini Aventador Interior

The all-new Lamborghini Aventador is a modern marvel of supercar engineering. But in addition to its carbon fiber monocoque and 700-horsepower V12, lies an HMI that blends Lambo's patented beauty and aggression atop a familiar interface.

Gearheads in the know are aware that Lamborghini is part of the larger Volkswagen Group, a massive automating juggernaut that includes VW, Bentley, Skoda and, of course, Audi. Using the four-ringed automaker's MMI system as its base, Lamborghini modified the infotainment system to better reflect the supercar's core values, but a few of its roots are showing.

In the video below, we get a thorough walk-around of both the dash and navigation system, and for anyone well-versed with Audi's MMI, things will look incredibly familiar. The seven-inch display mounted in the center console lies almost flat, and is controlled by VAG's familiar control knob flanked by four buttons assigned to navigation, music, phone and menu. And while the design has been slightly modified for the Lambo, the only significant change is in the new 3D mapping.

However, there's no trace of V-Dub lineage in the driver's instrument panel which is made up of a TFT-LCD screen that's customizable and integrates with the center-mounted MMI. It's an impressive setup, but considering the Aventador's price – a cool $370,000 – it'd better be.

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