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Veritas RSIII Roadster Hybrid: The world's fastest plug-in hybrid

Veritas RS III Roadster Hybrid - Click above for image gallery

Vermot AG unleashed the beastly Veritas RS III Roadster just over a year ago, and now the tiny sports car manufacturer is adding hybrid drive to its V10-powered retro sled – right before it releases a full electric version and a coupe.

The Veritas RS III Roadster Hybrid looks exactly like it's petrol-powered counterpart, right down to its BMW-sourced 507-horsepower V10, dual cockpit and carbon fiber/kevlar shell. What's different is the addition of a 105 kW motor mounted between the front axles, netting a total of over 600 hp. The lithium ion battery pack and electric motor tacks on an around 500 pounds, bringing the curb weight to a still svelte 2,821 pounds. But despite the extra weight, Vermot AG claims that the 0-62 mph time is actually down to 3.1 seconds (from 3.2) and tops out at 205 mph (10 mph down from the original).

A Kinetic Energy Recovery System (KERS) is employed to refill the batteries under braking, while the electric motor sends power to the front wheels making the RSIII Hybrid all-wheel-drive. What's more, Vermot says the Roadster has a range of 31 miles on electric power alone, only powering the front wheels at city speeds, then tapping into the V10 when the long pedal is pushed to the floor. And the company isn't stopping there.

The head of Vermot's board is planning a coupe version of the Veritas this summer, with plans to introduce a fully electric version by 2013.

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