Motus unveils production MST-01 and MST-R

Motus has officially unveiled the company's first products at Pratt & Miller's Michigan facility. The venue was chosen because of Pratt & Miller's role in engineering the bike's frame. Not interesting enough for you? Eyeball the bike's heart, then: a V4, scale version of the pushrod V8 that powers the Corvette Racing C6.R.

Motus says that the engine is good for 160 horsepower and an unknown amount of torque, at least for the moment. That figure is good 20 horsepower more than what Motus originally anticipated out of the design, so a proportionate jump in twist isn't necessarily out of the question. Thanks to its design, the Motus V4 weighs just 130 pounds and measures 18 inches across at its widest point. We could think of all sorts of unseemly uses for such a contraption.

According to Hell for Leather, the MST-01 and MST-R are designed to be a counterpoint to the traditional American-designed motorcycle, offering plenty of comfort and a well-sorted suspension wrapped up in a 500-pound package. Head over to Hell for Leather for a closer look, as well as a video of the bikes' unveil.

[Source: Hell for Leather | Image: Hel l for Leather]

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