Translogic tours the neighborhood on the all-electric Z-Kart – Click above to watch video

What's the best way to get your motoring kicks for less while consuming zero fuel and emitting only adrenaline? Riding a Zero motorcycle sounds like a lot of fun, until you get to that part about it only having two wheels. A golf cart is only amusing when it's gas-powered and you've stuck a tee in the governor. The answer lies somewhere in between, and George Fortin from San Clemente, California, has put together his own version of the solution.

Our friends at Translogic paid Fortin a visit because he's the proud owner and creator of the Z-Kart. It's an all-electric go-kart that rides on a quartet of motorcycle tires and is powered by a DC motor and four lead-acid batteries. The frame is built from recycled polyethylene, and Fortin built it himself from scratch. Total charge time for the Z-Kart is just three hours from a 110v outlet.

According to Fortin, the Z-Kart is capable of exceeding 50 miles per hour. However, he changed the gearing to bring it back down to a more-reasonable 40 mph. The differential in the Z-Kart was taken from a small off-road buggy, and the engine feeds juice to the wheels via a chain drive and jack shaft.

Translogic's Bradley Hasemeyer chats with George about his creation before taking the Z-Kart out for a spin. Check out the electric action in the video after the jump.

George Fortin's first kart
  • George Fortin's first kart

[Source: Translogic]

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