Dragster suspension in action – Click above to watch the video after the break

Last week we showed you what the suspension under a Mazda Miata looks like while carving up an autocross course. Today, we bring you a look at what your suspension is up to on a straight-and-narrow dragstrip launch.

This video will again test your car-enthusiast mettle. Do you care enough to see what your suspension is doing? If you drive on the drag strip regularly, this could be really helpful. If not, well, we hope you're really into suspension dynamics.

You'll notice that this shock is doing nearly all its work just after launch and then again right after passing the lights. That said, the shock is working diligently the entire time, in an attempt to keep the power pointed straight and the rear wheels where they belong.

Whereas the Miata's suspension appeared to work quite hard in corners and then very little on straights, the dragsters mono shock set-up is in constant motion. The same, but different...

But wait, there's more! Click past the jump for more reader-suggested suspension videos, where you can also see what goes on when tackling off-road racing from a number of angles. Enjoy! Thanks for the tip, Mike!

[Source: YouTube]

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