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Coda CEO predicts selling 50,000 units by 2015

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How many all-electric, $44,900 sedans can Coda Automotive sell? According to new CEO Philip Murtaugh, the answer is 50,000 by 2015. That's what he told reporters in Beijing today, according to CNET, and apparently most of these 50,000 units will be sold in the U.S., with the first units being offered to fleets in California in late 2011. Coda has previously said it wants to sell 14,000 Sedans in the first year, with production supposedly set to start this summer.

Murtaugh said:

Once we start selling to fleets and get a feel of how we are doing, we will start selling to consumers. Our plan is to go slowly.

The Sedan was supposed to go on sale last year, but the long delay means that Coda engineers can make sure the car is up to snuff. After all, Coda's senior vice president of marketing, Sean Blankenship, told us a few months ago that, "We can't afford to build a car that somebody is not going to buy." If the 50,000 number is anything close to accurate, then the engineers must think they're on to something.

coda sedan at the 2010 la auto show
coda sedan at the 2010 la auto show
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[Source: CNET via Engadget]

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