Brussels to launch electric vehicle car sharing program in March

In March, a company by the name of Zen Car will launch an electric vehicle car sharing scheme in the city of Brussels, Belgium. Zen Car says that 29 plug-ins will hit the streets and fifteen charging stations will pop up throughout the city to support the electric fleet. Membership costs are pegged at 40 euros ($55 U.S. at the current exchange rate), plus 6 euros ($8 U.S) a month and 7 euros ($10 U.S.) per hour spent behind the wheel.
Zen Car isn't the only plug-in vehicle carsharing scheme in the works in Europe. Autolib, Paris' electric carsharing program, is modeled after the city's successful, but often times problematic, VĂ©lib bike-sharing service. Autolib is a massive undertaking, with the project calling for some 3,000 battery-powered cars, 700 charging stations and 100 hire points.

Zen Car's ultimate goal is to receive funding directly from the government of Belgium, which it intends to use to expand its electric fleet and take its carsharing scheme to the national level.

[Source: Sustainable-Mobility]

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