Beginning in April, Swedish oil giant Preem will offer diesel blends containing 15 percent renewable diesel (B15) and 5 percent biodiesel (B5) at 366 fueling stations throughout Sweden. The B15 blend, which Preem fittingly calls Evolution Diesel, is claimed to cut carbon dioxide emissions by 16 percent compared to conventional ultra-low-sulfur diesel.
Preem's Evolution fuel is produced from tall oil, which is often referred to as liquid rosin or tallol and is a byproduct of the Kraft process of pinewood for pulp and paper. The tall oil undergoes initial treatment at Preem's Sunpine factory in Piteå, Sweden before it's refined to diesel specs at the oil company's plant in Gothenburg.

Preem has the capacity to process 26.4 million gallons of crude tall oil and, when mixed with conventional diesel, this means that up to 159 million gallons of Evolution Diesel could potentially flow out of Preem's pumps every year.

[Source: Green Car Congress]

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