EMC's electric Dacia Logans in legal limbo, gets a test drive [w/video]

Truckload of Dacia Logan MCVs– Click above to watch after the jump

When we said that we could see a trio of electrified Dacia Logan-based vehicles from the Envision Motor Company (EMC) on the road by last Summer, a few of you expressed skepticism. Rightfully so, it seems, as almost a year has passed since that post and the promised line-up has yet to materialize. Until now. That is, if by "now" we mean as soon as certain issues are straightened out, such as who will actually do the electrification work.

Auto Manufacturing Systems of Webster City, IA had been chosen to install the electric drivetrains in the vehicles, but despite receiving a couple auto-carriers worth of Romanian-built rollers last August, AMS says it didn't receive the schematics and other information needed to obtain the necessary parts to complete the work. Apparently, AMS got tired of waiting and is now working on a completely different EV venture. Meanwhile, as one might imagine, the courts are now involved.

For their part, EMC and its partners are looking to Flextronics for product assembly at a South Carolina plant. Although obviously not a production version, a reporter with the Des Moines Register got to take one of their MCV wagons for a spin and found it solid enough, though lacking in low-end acceleration. The latest iteration now uses a lithium-based battery said to be good for 150 miles per charge. The price, if they ever reach the market, has also crept slightly upwards to $42,950. Hit the jump for videos featuring both the test drive from the inside and exterior footage of a Logan EV going for a short spin about a parking lot.

[Source: Des Moines Register]

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