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Xenatec reveals Maybach Cruiserio Coupe ahead of Geneva debut

Xenatec Maybach Cruiserio Coupe – Click above for high-res image gallery

Xenatec is using the Geneva Motor Show to unveil its one-off Cruiserio Coupe, a customer-ordered hyper-luxury car based on the Maybach 57S. The coupe was designed by Fredrik Burchhardt to a customer's exact specs, then hand-built by the Xenatec team.

Outside, the Xenatec Cruiserio Coupe is swathed in a two-tone matte finish that's designed to give a brassy shimmer in the light. Xenatec says the paint was hand-applied in several stages to get the look just so.

The big coupe's interior is another Xenatec one-off, featuring hand-stitched natural, undyed buffalo leather and espresso-colored Nappa hides. To take things to the next level of ludicrous opulence, Xenatec lined the footwells of the car with blackberry Alcantara.

Xenatec says the whole package is set off by the car's panorama roof, which is accented with a Nappa leather headliner.

No word yet (or ever, we assume) on what this level of exclusivity costs, but we're ok with that. If you have to ask... Hop the jump for a full press release.

Xentatec Maybach Cruiserio right front
Xentatec Maybach Cruiserio right front
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Geneva is host to first public appearance of the XENATEC
Coupe based on the Maybach 57 S

For the first time, XENATEC is presenting a customer-specified XENATEC-Coupe
(so called: Cruiserio) based on the Maybach 57 S to coincide with the 81st
International Auto Salon in Geneva from March 1st through 6th. The presentation
of the car, which will take place in a specially constructed pavilion in the gardens
of "La Réserve" Hotel on the banks of Lake Geneva, also marks its world
The coupe was configured by XENATEC designer Fredrik Burchhardt to customer
specifications and then built exclusively for him. The paintwork on this one-off is a
matte finish applied by hand in several layers to create a shimmering brass tone.
The overall paint finish is completed by a delicate silver along the vehicle's flanks.
This particular stylistic treatment – a hallmark of all Maybach automobiles – is the
final touch to the work of art that is the XENATEC-Coupe and utterly unparalleled
To sum up - designed by artists, manufactured for connoisseurs.
The interior is utterly exclusive, created from a stunning combination of buffalo
hide in its natural, non-dyed mid-brown and dark nappa leather in espresso
brown, all hand-stitched by master craftsmen. The vehicle footwells are lined
entirely in soft Alcantara© finished in a warm blackberry tone. The same
"blackberry" tone is also used as a contrasting color for the leather piping around
the seats. The overall effect is further enhanced by the headliner finished in
nappa leather to create a stunning contrast in this uniquely sumptuous feast of
color, which is beautifully displayed at all times thanks to the custom-built
panorama roof.
To sum up – the highest form of individualization, executed with perfect

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