Video: Mini Cooper S gets some jet-propelled junk in the trunk

Mini Cooper S Turbine – Click above to watch the video after the jump

Every once in a while, a car comes along that really gives us pause. This is one of those times. On the one hand, a jet-powered anything is cool. On the other, this is a Mini Cooper S that utlizes its original, turbocharged inline-four and an old Rolls-Royce/Allison 250-C20B helicopter turbine to make a combined 650 horsepower that can't dust a GT-R on the drag strip. It seems a little... anti-climactic.

Still, we must tip our hat to the Floridian hoon who ordered up this beastly Mini Cooper S from BMP Design out of Tyler, Texas. His heart is in the right place, and he's sure to surprise anyone he lines up next to.

We're especially fond of the custom-made roof, which is designed to let the turbines burp their fiery exhaust without roasting the fool sitting behind you in traffic. The throttle for the twin jets, which require their own separate fuel tank, is a handle next to the driver's seat – a feature lifted directly from the chopper the engines were born in.

Regardless of our misgivings about the Mini this jet-propelled bomb is based on, hoonage on this level deserves some serious credit. Check out the videos after the break, and try not to mind the lame soundtrack.

[Source: YouTube via Jalopnik]

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