Video: David Letterman buys a Ford Fusion on air, Nissan Juke gets dissed

David Letterman buys a 2011 Ford Fusion on-air – Click above to watch video after the jump

If you were David Letterman, what type of car would you purchase? Something German? Italian? Perhaps something that quickly propels you to illegal speeds? You're all wrong, unless your guess was the 2011 Ford Fusion... which would be an amazingly accurate answer.

Letterman posed a challenge to local Nissan and Ford dealers; get to my set first and I will buy a car from you. Nissan was working to bring down the Juke, while Ford sent over a Fusion. It was clear that Letterman wanted the Ford to arrive first because he mocked the Juke and held up a sign reading "we love Ford."

Luckily for Dave, a salesman from the Manhattan Ford dealership arrived first. He sat down with Dave, and Letterman successfully haggled him down a bit on the price. Click past the jump to see David Letterman take ownership of a 2011 Ford Fusion and to see the Top Ten Reasons Dave Doesn't Want A Nissan Juke. Okay, fine. We may have embellished that last bit a little...

[Source: YouTube, Ford]
David Letterman buys a 2011 Ford Fusion

David Letterman makes fun of the Nissan Juke

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