Video: Mercury spokesmodel Jill Wagner defects to GM for Inside The Vault

Jill Wagner on Inside the Vault - Click above to watch video after the jump

The first few episodes of Inside the Vault, the new General Motors marketing vehicle, have officially hit the airwaves. The clips feature some familiar faces from around the automotive sphere, including that of the lovely Jill Wagner, the former face of Mercury. Motor Trend Editor Angus MacKenzie and comedian Alonzo Bodden also stop by to lend host Chris Collinsworth a hand as GM looks into what makes a great guy road trip. Needless to say, the chariot of choice is a Cadillac CTS Coupe during one of the segments, but surprisingly enough, the video series doesn't seem hell-bent on beating you over the head with the fact that the whole program is designed to shill GM vehicles. They're even mostly entertaining.

The on-air personalities don't seem stilted or overly scripted and Bodden helps throw in some needed levity. We have to feel a little pang of sympathy for Wagner, though. As the sole female on the cast, she's left to defend womankind against the tide of machismo as the ambassador of her sex.

Hit the jump to check out the clips for yourself, and head over to Inside The Vault to see more episodes.

[Source: Inside the Vault]

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