New Kickboxer Concept is all-wheel-drive diesel insanity on two wheels

Kickboxer Diesel all-wheel drive concept – Click above for high-res image gallery

It's been a while since we heard anything from Ian McElroy. As you may recall, he's the twisted mind who came up with the notion of lodging a Subaru boxer four-cylinder between the rails of a motorcycle frame. Well, it appears that he's been a busy bee since showing off his first take on the Kickboxer Concept. McElroy has set about reimagining his creation with a diesel boxer lump at the heart of the action. The engine is still sourced from Fuji Heavy Industries, though it's both smaller and more efficient than the old gasoline lump.

The newest addition to the Kickboxer family boasts new body work and a different swing arm design along with a new turbo configuration. Not quite mad enough for you? How about sticking an all-wheel drive version of the oil-burning moto in your pipe? McElroy worked up a twin-chain design that works with some help from a jack shaft, idler sprocket and a drive axle.

These aren't just some random renderings, though. McElroy says that he has all of the CAD files he needs to have the bikes machined and built. All he needs is the coin to do so. Shall we start passing the hat?

  • Kickboxer diesel all-wheel drive concept

    • Kickboxer diesel all-wheel drive concept

    • Kickboxer diesel concept

    • Kickboxer diesel all-wheel drive concept

    • Kickboxer diesel steering

[Source: The Kneeslider]

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