Rumormill: Bentley to bring new Continental Supersports to Geneva?

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The first generation of Bentley's Continental range spawned as many variants as its engine has cylinders. Over seven years of production, they including the GT coupe, the GTC convertible and the Flying Spur sedan, in three levels of engine output (standard, Speed and Supersports), with countless special editions and factory-sanctioned coachbuilt variants (like Zagato's GTZ and Touring's Flying Star) along the way.

So what's next in the pipeline? Well, now that the second-generation Continental GT has hit the market, we can expect the whole rigamarole to start anew. While the range will expand southwards with a new V8 engine option, rumors have begun to surface over the northward expansion with a new Supersports model.

Tipped to be even more extreme than the stripped-out, pumped-up, flex-fuel first-gen Supersports, the new version based on the new Continental GT could benefit from a more aggressive aero package with spoilers and vents aplenty, and a potentially even more powerful engine. Word has it that production could be capped at 100 units, and that Bentley could be planning a surprise unveiling at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show. That said, we'd be a little surprised if Bentley jumped right from the Conti GT to the top whack Supersports – if they follow tradition, other bodystyles and a Speed-series of models will arrive first.

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