The Nissan GT-R marketing team is hunting down Porsche owners – Click above to watch video after the jump

The GT-R is an aggressive car, and Nissan has taken aim at Porsche owners in an aggressive marketing campaign. A team of ladies in Germany driving a brand new GT-R have taken to the streets, targeting parked Porsches. Armed with a removable decal that shows the tail-end of a Nissan GT-R, the ladies affix the "ad" to the front windshield of the Porsche. The Porsche owner returns to his or her car, sits down and sees the GT-R's taillights staring right back.

It sounds funny, but we prefer that people keep their hands off O.P.P (yeah you know me! ... anyone?). Click past the jump to view the clip and let us hear your thoughts in the comments; is this clever marketing or toeing the vandalism line?

[Source: YouTube]

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