Xiamen King Long hybrid bus

The city of Xiamen, China has announced that a batch of 36 hybrid buses with the incredible name of "King Long" will take to its streets over the course of the next two months. The diesel-electric coaches, which feature a battery storage system, regenerative brakes and the ability to move solely under electric power at low speeds, are claimed to be up to 25 more fuel efficient and emit 30 percent less CO2 than a conventional diesel-burning bus.

The three dozen diesel-electric buses can carry up to 110 passengers and will swing into service along some of Xiamen's main routes. Meanwhile, the city will soon take delivery of five additional hybrid coaches, which will be used by the government's various departments. The energy-saving fun doesn't stop there. In the near future, Xiamen expects to have more than 400 hybrid buses operating throughout the city.

[Source: What's On Xiamen]

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