Report: Pat "Crashgate" Symonds finds his way back into F1 with Virgin

Say hello again to Pat Symonds. The former Renault F1 technical director was thrown out of the sport in disgrace along with Flavio Briatore in the wake of the Crashgate scandal for having ordered Nelsinho Piquet to crash his car on purpose. But now Symonds is back.

In a controversial move, the FIA's agreement with Symonds stipulated that he could not participate in the sport until the end of 2012. But the ruling stipulated that he could, through his company Neutrino Dynamics, take up a consulting role before then. And according to reports, that's exactly what he's done.

So for this season at least, Symonds will be advising the Marussia Virgin Racing team on how to cheat advance their way up the grid. He won't be actually at the races, but if Virgin tries anything suspicious, we'll know exactly where to look.

[Source: ESPN]

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