Report: Chrysler worker files sexual harassment lawsuit against UAW

Janet Burney and Pat Byers may have been your average lovebirds back in 2007 when they started dating. Fast-forward a few years to March 2010, however, and the two had ended their relationship. Nothing unusual there, except that Janet was an autoworker for Chrysler and Pat is a union official for the United Auto Workers. Correction: We should say "was a worker," because after their relationship ended, Burney alleges she was fired... and now she's suing.
According to The Detroit News, when the two started dating, Burney was given a new position and her hourly wage rose from $30 per hour up to $40.35 per hour. Once they split up, a security guard arrived in Burney's office with two boxes she could use to pack up her stuff and head out.

Janet Burney has filed a suit claiming sexual harrassment, gender discrimination and retaliation. She is looking to recoup lost wages and benefits, as well as emotional damages.

[Source: The Detroit News]

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