Austin, Texas proposes unlimited plug-in vehicle charging for just $50/year

How's this for a bargain? City council members in Austin, TX have brought forth a motion calling for an annual $50, unlimited use rate plan for plug-in vehicle charging. The proposed rates would apply to Austin Energy's "Plug-in Everywhere" service and would enable drivers of electric vehicles to fill up at one of the more than 100 Coulomb Technologies charging stations to be installed throughout the city by the end of summer.
The city's unlimited charging service, expected to be offered on a $25/six-month subscription basis, would allow plug-in vehicle drivers to simply swipe a card to access any of the areas charging stations. Without the subscription, charging costs of approximately $2 per hour of use would apply.

If the city council approves the subscription-based, unlimited use charging service, Austin Energy will issue "pay at the pump" cards to subscribers beginning in March. Austin has long been at the forefront of the plug-in vehicle movement, with both Plug-In Partners (now defunct) and the Austin Alt Car event calling the city home. Hat tip to Joe!

[Source: Austin Business Journal]

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