Green Overdrive with Got Grease – Click above to watch video after the jump

San Francisco's Got Grease collects used cooking oil from Bay Area restaurants and hotels, refines it at its facility and sells the finished product to local biodiesel distributors. Got Grease's founder, David Levenson, proudly advertises the company's mission on his own biodiesel-fueled vehicle, which bears this slogan: "From your fryer to you fuel tank."

Recently, the Green Overdrive crew rode along with Got Grease. The journey starts out with trips to local restaurants to collect the fryer sludge and continues on with a look at Got Grease's recycling facility. In the end, the oil is cleansed of food chunks and clarified to the point at which it no longer resembles the mess that was initially extracted from the fryer.

Hop the jump to watch how gettin greasy fuels some of San Fran's biodiesel-burning vehicles.

[Source: Giga OM]

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