This is the world's lightest bike

If you're a steel frame diehard, there's nothing we can say to sway your opinion on bike materials. Except this: 6.28 pounds. That's what the Spin Light Bike weighs in at, making it the world's lightest, fully-built two-wheeler.

A collaboration between over a dozen companies worldwide, nearly every piece of the Spin Light Bike is made of carbon fiber, from the frame to the brakes and even the cranks. As you'd expect, few of these parts are available at your LBS, meaning custom components had to be made to order, so don't be disappointed when we can't give you a price. And for those poor souls griping about carbon fiber's perceived lack of longevity, know this: the Spin's collaborators have logged between 12,000 and 15,000 miles since it's initial build.

[Source: HetFairWheelPodium via CycleEXIF | Images: Emir]

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