Porsche would like to double its global sales to about 200,000 per year. That's an ambitious goal for a niche company, but Porsche intends to make things happen with the help of more money and manpower. AutoWeek reports that the German automaker plans to hire 1,000 employees by 2015. Half the workers will help build the company's forthcoming small crossover, which has been given the working name 'Cajun,' while the other half will be engineers needed to develop new vehicles. An additional 500 workers could be added by 2018, provided sales targets are met.

AW claims that Porsche intends to expand its lineup from four models to seven to help reach its sales goals, while also forking over up to 750 million Euro ($1.01 billion in U.S. funds) to upgrade its Leipzig factory. The latter is believed to be the main candidate to build the Cajun when production begins in 2013.

[Source: AutoWeek]

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