Our buddies over at Autoblog.nl have uncovered what Pimp My Ride would have been like in the 1980s. The interior pictured above is a classic Mercedes 500SEL called "Benny S El-Riyadh," and was transformed by the company mentioned in the name, Benny S, a small German tuning company from Sollingen that existed in mid-80s and worked on Mercedese-Benzes. On the inside, Benny S chose to transform the interior into a mobile living room fit for the Hoff. You'll find a fully integrated television in the dashboard, a set of then-futuristic digital counters and an upscale G80 Clarion audio system. All it's missing is a full set of hair, disco ball and platform shoes.

Eighties-style Mercedes infotainment tuning
  • Eighties-style Mercedes infotainment tuning

[Source: Autoblog.nl]

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