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Report: Subaru Nordic mulling natural gas conversions for Legacy, Outback

2010 Subaru Legacy 2.5GT - Click above for high-res image gallery

Subaru Nordic (SN) has, according to a report from The Local, announced its desire to open a manufacturing plant in western Sweden. There's some indication that SN is eying a vacant Saab site in the city of Trollhattan and word is that compressed natural gas (CNG) conversions for the Legacy and Outback models are part of the automaker's plan.

SN communications director, Thomas Possling, told The Local that a final decision will be made within months, but he declined to discuss specific details. However, Possling did indicate that SN is actively working with BRC Gas Equipment, a manufacturer of CNG conversion kits and perhaps coincidentally, a renter of a vacant Saab facility.

Possling pointed out that SN operates independent of Subaru Japan, stating:
The thing is, the project is a Swedish project, it's not Subaru Japan or [parent company] Fuji Heavy Industries. It's a Nordic area project with BRC. From Subaru Japan, we only have technical support. They are not involved in this project in any other way.
Therefore, it's expected that the Legacy and Outback models would undergo the CNG conversions after being shipped in from Japan and offered, in limited numbers, in Sweden and Finland.

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[Source: The Local]

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