Hand gestures and driving seem to share a harmonious union untouched by the laws of both physics and sanity, but this holy matrimony just got better. Christian Müller, a researcher at the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence, has co-created a prototype where hand gestures are used to control the vehicle's various systems without the driver's hands leave the vicinity of the wheel. The prototype that Müller and his team developed uses several strategically placed sensors to detect the movements of the drivers fingers while placed on or around the steering wheel. The electromagnetic sensors are able to interpret different motions and commands by detecting the disruption of electric fields, using the shapes and positions of the driver's fingers in the air. The sensors on the prototype were placed on the dashboard directly behind the steering wheel and resulted in a staggering 86% accuracy rating with the ability to understand and interpret 10 different gestures including vertical motions of up and down, left to right and even different geometrical shapes drawn in the air. While still in its infancy, we cant help but think that combined with voice controls, Minority Report-style manipulation just got a little bit closer.

[Source: TechnologyReview]

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