Mauro Lecchi's Lamborghini yacht under construction, with Fenice Milano interior

Mauro Lecci Lamborghini motoryacht – Click above for high-res image gallery

When we first brought you Italian designer Mauro Lecchi's vision of a Lamborghini power yacht, we were suitably intrigued, but didn't imagine it would actually ever hit the water. Color us surprised, because apparently it is.

The design, "heavily contaminated by stretched lines", according to the press release, takes its cues from Lamborghinis old and new and applies them to the 50-foot form of an express motor yacht. Available propulsion options range from an available pair of 550-horsepower V12s from Motori Marini Lamborghini, and ultimately top out at twin 950-horsepower Seatek turbodiesels. The first example of the Lamborghini-themed yacht is apparently now being built, incorporating lightweight carbon-Kevlar construction that promises to be significantly lighter than the usual fiberglass or even aluminum.

Just in case it isn't flashy enough on the outside, Lecchi and company have contracted Fenice Milano to outfit the yacht's interior spaces. Yes, that's the same Fenice Milano that has gilded everything from the Fiat 500 to the Rolls-Royce Ghost. So you know it'll be suitably decadent (or horrifying). We've updated the high-res image gallery below as the yacht undergoes construction, accompanied by Fenice Milano's press release after the jump.

[Source: Fenice Milano]
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Fenice Milano and T.I.C. present: Lambo style power yacht by Mauro Lecchi design

Mauro Lecchi, renowned Italian designer, creates an aquatic creature that transmits all the sensations that are normally perceived while watching and driving the most famous Italian supercar:

The exterior styling is heavily contaminated by stretched lines, which recall the vents that run along the sides of ypercars, although in this case they are turned into big windows, which make the sporting spirit of the yacht instantly recognizable, even from a distance, and at the same time contribute to a more "liveble" and familiar internal environment by creating great surface lighting.

The internal layout is clearly of sporting inspiration, made by Fenice Milano designers, and offers endless possibilities for customization through the use of precious materials and sophisticated hi-tech equipment in full compliance with the unique tradition and craftsmanship of "Made in Italy".

The propulsion unit is assigned to double units of large performance capacity and contained consumption, thanks to the lightness of the structure obtained by an evolved construction system, which makes extensive use of advanced materials from the aerospace industry. This system is RI.NA. (Italian Shipping Register Air Force) certified. The millwork is made in wood fiber, Kevlar / carbon, for the reduction of weight, which combines high performance and low power consumption.

The cockpit offers a pair of external decks at stern, a double sofa bed, a bar and Entertainment Center, large windows and sky light filtering windows. The guide is lifted up and in central position, the access to the cozy and protected room on the forward deck is guaranteed by a step to the side of the driving position through an opening in the large windshield. The interior layout includes a complete environment for the owner, with a bathroom and a separate shower in addition to a guest bedroom with bathroom on the bow.

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