It seemed like only yesterday when Philips invented a small, plasticky "compact cassette" intended to carry around small strips of audio, mainly for professional media use. When it was adopted by the masses, it ruled the world's audio waves for more than two decades; that is, until the compact disc appeared. Throughout those 25-or-so years, it wasn't without fault. The magnetic tapes were subject to wear after countless windings and rewindings, but still, compared to the competition of the time (the lowly and fragile eight-track) the cassette tape was the go-to for portable audio. The last automotive OEM cassette deck ever produced will make its way into a 2010 Lexus SC 430. But don't be too distraught, we're sure you'll be able to find some aftermarket tape decks to jam out to that mixtape you made back in middle school. With the death of the cassette, we bid adieu, but can only say: CD you're on borrowed time.

[Source: New York Times]

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