This is the unicycle/single-speed hybrid you've been waiting for [video]

When it comes to minimalist bicycling, it doesn't get more basic than a single-speed, unless you decide to nix the front wheel and go uni. Inner City Bicycles seems to have found a middle ground with its 36-incher, comprised of little more than two wheels, a set of handlebars, a disc brake up front and a seat that wouldn't look out of place in a Frank Miller comic. The pedals are mounted directly to the rear hub, so there aren't any gears to fuss with, and if the wheel clearance makes you wince, ICB offers a slightly more sane 29er. But good luck mounting a set of fenders on there. Get all the details on ICB's website, but don't look for a price, that's still undecided...

[Source: Inner City Bikes via CrunchGear]

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