Sony: GT Academy round two won't count because of cheaters

If you've been feeling slighted by the fact that the top three contenders in Polyphony Digital's GT Academy are cheating curs, don't sweat it. Sony has announced that round two of the Gran Turismo 5 challenge won't count. Instead, everyone who participated in round two will also be able to give it a go in round three. The company says that its already hard at work on a way to prevent gamers from cutting the same corners in the Rome and Madrid circuits that allowed the contentious lap times in the first place.

The news is welcome for anyone who feared that Sony might pull the plug on the competition all together. There is a downside, though. The next round of the GT Academy has been permanently postponed until this whole mess can be properly sorted, and Polyphony hasn't said when we can expect a patch to fix the gamers' cheating ways. Stay tuned.

[Source: Joystiq]

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