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Shortly after Volkswagen unveiled its one-liter concept vehicle, the Formula XL1, at the Qatar Motor Show, we reported that a limited-series XL1 production vehicle was in the works. Within weeks of that report, Autocar claimed that VW was putting the finishing touches on a 79-mile-per-gallon Up! Blue-e-motion model that borrows the XL1's hybrid powertrain.

Apparently there's more to this evolving story. Autocar now reports that VW aims to launch a fuel-sipping Golf that features much of the technology found in the XL1, including a next-gen version of the concept's twin-cylinder, 800cc turbodiesel engine and hybrid components. The vehicle, likely to be called the Golf Blue-e-motion (assuming there's at least a shred of truth to the rumor), is set to launch in 2020 and expected to return 100 mpg (83 mpg U.S.) and spit out a mere 75 grams per kilometer of CO2.

The German automaker will supposedly utilize carbon-reinforced plastics to reduce the Golf's weight and focus on extensive aerodynamic improvements to boost the Blue-e-motion's fuel economy numbers. Remember, 2020 is nearly a decade away and VW's intentions could shift dramatically in that amount of time.

Photos by Drew Phillips / Copyright ©2010 AOL

[Source: Autocar]

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