You know all the lines by now, like "Chuck Norris doesn't have a chin – under his beard is another fist," or "There's no such thing as thunder – only Chuck Norris' laughter." Well, like most jokes, they got old and died. (Unlike Chuck Norris, of course, who is immortal.) But now they're back, in truck form.

Say hello to Truck Norris. (But don't say hello too loud, lest you invoke the wrath of – you guessed it – Truck Norris.) Born before the dawn of time, but so named by its owner caretaker – Jeep enthusiast and IFSJA forum member Derf – when he noticed the falling snow avoiding his truck with trepidation, Truck Norris is an '86 Jeep J10 pickup that has spawned a thread of frankly hilarious anecdotes. A few notable examples:
  • Truck Norris is as close as he wants to be to the objects that appear in his side view mirrors.
  • Truck Norris doesn't come equipped with 4-Wheel Drive. 4-Wheel Drive comes equipped with Truck Norris.
  • Truck Norris doesn't need oil. It just drives back in time and eats dinosaurs.
There's plenty more laughs, if you're so inclined, to be found in the forum thread, so head on over to check it out for yourself.

[Source: International Full Size Jeep Association via Hemmings]

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