Last February, a tragic plane crash in East Palo Alto, CA claimed the lives of three Tesla Motors employees: Doug Bourn, who was piloting the plane, Andrew Ingram and Brian Finn. Now, almost a year since the twin-engine Cessna crashed after clipping power lines on that fateful foggy day, Sherina Yuk Chan, the widow of Brian Finn, is, according to Mercury News, suing Bourn's estate.

Chan's attorney, Todd Emanuel, claims that Erin Finn, daughter of the deceased Brian Finn, suffered the loss of her father's love, comfort, company, financial support and guidance, giving Chan grounds to file suit against Bourn's estate. On January 10th, Emanuel filed a wrongful death complaint, alleging that the plane crash was:

Foreseeable and avoidable had the owner and operator of the aircraft demonstrated concern for the safety of his passengers – instead of blatant disregard for his lack of recent flying experience, poor weather and the condition of his aircraft – before deciding to embark on a risky takeoff from Palo Alto Municipal Airport on the ill-fated flight which killed Brian Finn.

Emanuel claims that there's substantial evidence to "prove that pilot error" contributed to the crash and, therefore, believes that Erin Finn is entitled to an unspecified sum to make up for "economic damages in the form of what her father would likely have provided for her throughout her upbringing." The suit seeks additional compensation for the Finn family's "indescribable loss."

Mercury News contacted representatives of Bourn's estate seeking comment on the lawsuit, but it did not receive a reply.

[Source: Mercury News]

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