Video: This is not how you make a Ferrari F150

Ferrari 458 seeks tough truck for rough play – Click above to watch video after the jump

The new Ferrari F150 is a single-seat Formula One racecar that will be the object of affection for millions of Tifosi around the globe. One Florida fan of the Italian automaker recently purchased a brand-new 2011 458 Italia. He wasn't planning on turning his into an F150, but he did turn into an F-150... a Ford F-150.

The accident happened in Brandon, Florida, when the Ferrari driver allegedly decided that the yellow paint on the ground didn't apply to him (investigation still pending...). When he went to pass another car, he found a Ford pickup heading straight for his front bumper. The F-150 didn't stop at the low-lying nose and ended up with its left-front tire on the hood of the 458. Fortunately, it appears that no serious injuries resulted.

If you want to see the aftermath of a failed attempt at Ferrari F150 construction, all you have to do is click past the jump. Thanks for the tip, Michael!

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