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Transformers infographic – Click above to enlarge

Lamborghini Countaches, a Ferrari Testarossa, Pontiac's Fiero and Trans Am in multiple shapes and sizes, more Jeep Wranglers than you can shake a stick at and even a Lancia Stratos. No, we're not talking about the posters plastered on the walls of our bedrooms when we were 12, we're talking Transformers. Specifically, the original cartoon series that aired from 1984 to 1987.

Yes, the majority of us who man the Autoblog HQ are very much children of the 1980s, so we know ourselves some Transformers folklore. And so you'd think an infographic like the one seen after the jump would really get our blood pumping... and it did, for a moment. Then we noticed how many errors and inconsistencies were present and that pumping turned into something more like boiling. Here are just a few of the many errors:
  • Optimus Prime, the most famous of all Autobots, was a cab-over truck. Michael Bay turned him into a traditional semi for the more recent movie franchise.
  • Note the number of vehicles shown that were built after the show ended in 1987, including a 1994 Volkswagen New Beetle.
  • Hound was an American Army Jeep, not a Japanese "Jeep".
  • Chromedome... what the heck is that thing?
  • Ultra Magnus, like Optimus Prime, was a cab-over Freightliner, not a Mac truck.
Check out the entire infographic after the jump and let us know in the comments if you find any more errors. We will say the infographic's last section where it shows which automakers the Autobots tended to favor is pretty cool.

[Source: CarInsurance.org via Comics Alliance]

Original Transformers Autobots
Research and Design by: CarInsurance.org

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