NASCAR simplifies points system for 2011

NASCAR is a simple sport to follow. The guy who finishes first wins and everyone else loses. The points competition that is used to determine the Sprint Cup champion is another matter altogether. We won't even bother explaining how the old system worked (because we have no idea), but The Detroit Free Press reports that the new points system for 2011 will be a whole lot easier to comprehend.

The new points system goes like this: If you win the race you receive 43 points. If you finish in 43rd place you receive one point. Every driver in between receives points based on their order of finish. The system will still allow for bonuses, with the winner of the race receiving three points and any driver who leads an entire lap receives a point for each lap they're out in front. A point will also be given to the driver who leads the most laps in any given race.

To keep race winners from walking away with massive point totals for one good race, NASCAR is capping points at 48 for any given race. Sounds easy enough to us, though it won't necessarily make us any more likely to watch.

[Source: Detroit Free Press]

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